Carlo Prato - Eleftheria OUT NOW!

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Arctic Ocean & Carlo Prato - Bound Together OUT NOW!

Arctic Ocean & Carlo Prato are 'Boun...Continue reading

Website Update #2!

Hey!I have just updated the website's graphics to make it look a little more up to date with current design trends. Do you like it more than the previous version? Let me know in the commen...Continue reading

Website Update #1!

Hello guys,I wanted to give you a quick update! I updated the website and added two new pages, About and Contact where you can read more about who I am and where you can contact me, should...Continue reading

The MIDI player has been fixed!

A quick update to let you know that the MIDI player is working again.New MIDI files have been uploaded, including: ...Continue reading

We moved to a new server!

Hey guys, I just wanted to let you know that in the past few days I worked to move from a shared hosting to a VPS. This will allow the website to host more visitors and, by time, to offer more feat...Continue reading

Disqus is now active on blog posts!

I just enabled Disqus for you to be able to comment on the blog posts.Have fun!Feel free to comment about anything, from a MIDI you'd like me to make to feedback on the webs...Continue reading

Updates to the website: music sheets and YouTube piano tutorials!

I have been thinking about how I could expand my audience and the two most obvious ways to do so became clear after some brainstorming: I will provide music sheets for piano to beginners and inte...Continue reading

Future Plans

Hey guys, the website will be updated in the coming hours. After the plethora of visits I received in the past few days I added a lot of new MIDIs! I hope everybody is satisfied with them....Continue reading

Plenty of new trance MIDI!

Hey guys,I worked hard in the past few days to bring you a lot of new trance MIDI files!...Continue reading

New midis and website update

This is the first forum post!I uploaded some new midis! Showtek vs. Technoboy &...Continue reading