Future Plans (2016-09-28 16:40:33) by Carlo Share on Facebook

Hey guys,

the website will be updated in the coming hours. After the plethora of visits I received in the past few days I added a lot of new MIDIs! I hope everybody is satisfied with them.

While I am still fulfilling requests, I am also working on improving the website. These are the major changes that will happen over the next few days:

  • Artist page with all the MIDI of a certain artist
  • Improved homepage (there are links both for single songs and for artists). I also changed some colors to make the homepage more readable
  • Page with current requests (and possibility to upvote if you want it too!)

Over 800 users visited the website since Sunday, I'm feeling really motivated to work hard and give you even more MIDIs and new features.

I have other excting news that I will explain better in the next blog post.