Updates to the website: music sheets and YouTube piano tutorials! (2016-10-13 23:17:16) by Carlo Share on Facebook

I have been thinking about how I could expand my audience and the two most obvious ways to do so became clear after some brainstorming: I will provide music sheets for piano to beginners and intermediate piano users who want to learn how to read sheet music, and I will start publishing YouTube video with Synthesia tutorials to help anyone who wants to learn how to play once (or many!) of the MIDI songs I have on the website.

I hope this will broaden the audience of the website and bring more aspiring musicians here!

I published an update yesterday that fixed problems with the URL and genres and I updated more metadata for the individual MIDI pages. Now most of them have BPM, key and genre information, besides release date of the original song and the label that published it.

You can access the list of songs that have the same BPM, genre or music label by clicking on any of them in the details page.