Carlo's MIDI: download MIDI files for free!

Do you want to remix a song you've listened to but you cannot catch the notes, chords, or the melody? Then MIDI files are for you!

Easily request, download and import MIDI files of your favorite songs in FL Studio, Ableton, Logic Pro, or any other sequencer you use.

To request a MIDI file, drop me a message or a public post on my Facebook page!

You can request a MIDI file and I will try and make it for you. I mostly do Trance, Progressive House, Electro House, Hands Up and Hardstyle MIDI, but feel free to ask for other genres and I will see what I can do.

You are allowed to use the MIDI file as you wish, the songs you create with it are yours only. If you want to share your creation with us, just send us a link on Facebook and we might share it!

Do not redistribute the original MIDI but link the original page on this website. You would make me a great favour!

Support me

Donations are obviously optional but greatly appreciated! You can leave a message as the description of the donation and it will published in the hall of fame on the website.

Thank you for your support!

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